Dave Bradford

Developer and picture taker.

Learning to Start

November 1, 2012

The biggest and most valuable piece of advice I’ve received in the last year is just to start.

Whatever you want to do, it won’t start itself and it won’t come to you. Just start! A friend asked me the other day about programming and languages to use. I replied by suggesting to just put your ideas together, start small and keep revising, build a prototype.

You can’t learn to ride a bike without jumping on and starting to peddle? You build with practice.

Now let’s apply this to coding. Part of the learning processing is creating mistakes, fixing them and learning not to make them again. It’s important to learn and starting in the most important step.

Ruby on Rails is a fantastic language, it took me well over 2 years to start coding. I cut the cord and remove access to all the tutorials I had. I went off on my own and created something I wanted to make, you learn things and with a bit of research online.

So at lunch, tonight, the weekend whenever I get spare time, I’m starting!